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Medication for Colds

Antihistamine – Decongestant and Relief medication for common colds Drugs for stuffy nose and sinus problems, nasal congestion and common cold constitute the largest segment of the pharmaceutical industry. When used properly, these drugs provide relief from annoying symptoms which occur in almost all people at some time and in some chronically. Drugs in these […]


JUST SNORING OR SOMETHING MORE? The disturbance of breathing during sleep can range from minor problems to the health of patients (snoring) to heavy sleep apneas (breathing interruption during sleep) which may be for peripheral reasons (obstructive sleep apnea) or on the rare occasions the central reasons which potentially without treatment may lead to serious […]

Adenoids and Tonsils

Adenoids and Tonsils PRINT OR DOWNLOAD THIS ARTICLE IN PDF The tonsils and adenoids are part of a “ring” which is located at the back of the neck (waldeyers ring). The adenoids are located behind the nose and the palate and are not seen by mouth .They can only be seen using special tools. It […]

Nasal Bleeding (Epistaxis)

What should be done in case of bleeding from the nose? Bleeding from the nose is a problem that can cause fear. In fact, most bleeding from the nose is not as serious a problem as it might seem. However, caution should be taken because a proportion of these cases are related to more serious […]

Otitis in Childrens

PRINT OR DOWNLOAD THIS ARTICLE IN PDF Otitis in children and antibiotics Ear infections are one of the main reasons why children are administered antibiotics. According to some, ear infections are the most frequent cause of administration of antibiotics in children. Many experts question the need for antibiotics to treat ear infections in a large […]

Salivary Glands

SALIVARY GLANDS – WHAT IS NORMAL AND WHAT IS NOT Where are they? The salivary glands located around the mouth and throat. The main ones are the parotid, submandibular and the sublingual. They all secrete saliva into the oral cavity through the parotid duct near the upper teeth, submandibular under the tongue and the sublingual […]


PRINT OR DOWNLOAD THIS ARTICLE IN PDF CHOLOSTEATOMA: A SERIOUS CONDITION OF THE EAR What is a cholosteatoma? What causes cholesteatoma? What are the symptoms? Is it dangerous? What is the treatment? If I do nothing, what will happen? Will I always have this problem? Can it be removed or treated? What is a cholosteatoma? […]