What is Microlaryngoscopy?

Microlaryngoscopy is the examination of the larynx done under general anaesthesia. The surgeon places a short hollow tube (known as a laryngoscope) through the mouth behind the tongue and into the voice box. A microscope is then used to look into the voice box with greater detail to find what the problem is. This is why we call the examination Microlaryngoscopy.

How many days will stay in the hospital?

Usually the patient comes to the hospital in the morning and a few hours after the surgery he returns home.

Why do I need this surgery?

Microlaryngoscopy may simply be used for a diagnostic examination or during an examination to take a biopsy or even to treat/remove polyps or even cancer.

Will I have problems after surgery?

Microlaryngoscopy is very safe, serious problems are very rare; however, there may be minor damage to the teeth or gums from the laryngoscope. It may cause a sore throat; some patients feel their neck is slightly stiff after the operation. It may also temporarily incur a deficient sensation in taste and movement of the tongue for a few days.

Can I eat after surgery?

Usually the patient can eat and drink the same day.

What limitations will I have after surgery?

Patients who undergo a microlaryngoscopy are forbidden to use their voice for a few days.

How long will I be in hospital? How long will I be off work?

You’ll leave the same day or the next day. You must stay away from work for a few days following surgery.

Can I drive after surgery?

Someone needs to take you home from the hospital and be with you for 24 hours. You should not drive or cook for 24 hours.

What should I avoid then?

Nothing. You can do whatever you normally do every day.

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