What is the nasal septum?

It is the partition between the two nostrils. It is made of cartilage and bone. It is covered with a membrane called the nasal mucosa.

Why do I need surgery?

You may require surgery if you have difficulty breathing because your nasal septum is crooked. Maybe due to a blow to the nose or you may be born that way (congenital). This can be corrected with surgery called Septoplasty.

Will it change the shape of my nose?

No, unless you want a change on the outside of your nose.

Can anything serious happen?

Serious complications are very rare. Very rarely we may have bleeding after surgery. Other complications are almost non-existent.

Are my headaches due to my deviated septum?       

No necessary.

How long will I be in the hospital and how much time off from work?  

Usually you will stay in the hospital one day will need two weeks away from work.

Will I be asleep during the surgery?    

Yes, this is called general anesthesia.

How is the surgery performed?     

An incision is made inside the nose and the crooked part of the cartilage removed. Then the crooked bone is straightened and the mucosa sewn in the middle.

Will I have gauze in my nose after?  

Usually we do not use gauze to close the nose. Rarely may you need to put plugs which will be removed the next morning.

Are there stitches?         

Yes, absorbable and so should not be removed.

What will I feel afterwards?   

You’ll have some discomfort. The first day there will be blood or pink mucus and the nose will feel stuffy in the first week. It will clean up completely in three to six weeks. You may have headaches, discomfort in the forehead for a few days and numbness of the teeth. The numbness usually subsides, but may take several weeks.

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