Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation for Swallowing (F.E.E.S)

F.E.E.S is the test performed with the flexible endoscope. We examine the  pharynx & larynx  whilst the patient is swallowing.

Colored liquids and solids are used with blue or green coloring.

Suggested foods:

  • ICE
  • Thin  Foods (milk, juice)
  • Thick liquid (milk shake)
  • Purees
  • Semi-solid foods (mashed potato)
  • Cheese, Bread
  • Hard Food (meat, apple)
  • Mixed Food (soup with meat)

When the examination is for infants and children who drink milk then diluted milk is given mixed with a special powder.

During the test Doctors observe:

  • Inability to retain food in the mouth
  • Aspiration
  • Penetration or residue in the hypopharynx
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