Neuronavigation System (Navigation) NaviENT

Neuronavigation System (Navigation) NaviENT

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired the Canadian Advanced Neuronavigation (Navigation) NaviENT. This system is at the disposal of the physician. It provides significant help and contributes to the safe handling of difficult endoscopic sinus surgery operations as well as the skull base.

What is Neuronavigation and how this medical equipment can help?

As it is known, sinuses are located near sensitive organs. For this reason, an essential requirement for a patient to undergo endoscopic sinus surgery is CT scanning and sometimes MRI.

After the CT with specific parameters, we introduce the images into the system. The system recognizes the parameters we have introduced and with specialized tools during the intervention at any time on our screen we have the possibility to know where we are. This help us to avoid any problems and complications.

Navigation is a useful tool that does not replace the doctor but helps him in some difficult

For further information, contact us at 22 200 682.

Dr Yerasimos Kyriakides
Md E.N.T

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